We believe in staying true to building people-centric organization

Our founder Yousaf Zalmé Said, comes from a long-line of businessmen that quietly changed the world in the last few decades. Our company was founded on the family values. We believe in staying true to building people-centric organization that will inspire our shared visions of the future.

Often, there’s a sense of too much innovation and too little foundation. It’s only through the marriage of a solid foundation of business know-how and a future-oriented outlook that innovation can improve the lives of people that we serve. It is the incremental progress that we make toward our broader goals of sustainable living that matter. The “big bang” approach works for some, but not for others.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations that offer a mix of products and services that position them to lead the trend of sustainability around the world. By partnering with companies that are as focused on building firm foundations as we are, together, we take measured steps to achieve our goals.

Our partners are leaders in industries such as transportation, energy, hospitality, healthcare and more.

Their products and services are improving the lives of their customers and enabling sustainable communities.