We envision a different world

Imagine stepping into a world where resource limitations are an afterthought. It’s a world where a mother and a child can feel safe and secure. It’s a world where every seed has a chance to sprout in its fertile land. It’s a world where people are focused on nurturing each other to unleash greater potentials.

This is the future that we envision. Each day, we are building this future by embodying the values that shape this future.

Empowering people

At ZalméCo, we invest in people who dream big to enable everyone to live sustainable lives powered by innovation. With intentionality at each step, we are building the world’s largest network of environmentally conscious and high-performing businesses to work toward humanity’s goals of sustainability. By empowering people, we can reach our shared vision of using cutting-edge innovation to serve the global economy.

People are at the heart of every business that we partner with. By helping each person realize their potential, we are unleashing a tidal wave of innovative ideas that builds ecosystems of the future.

We facilitate partnerships globally by connecting and enabling our partners to serve the needs of their customers. Our partners are a part of the largest network of environmentally conscious and high-performing businesses spanning industries such as healthcare, energy, transportation, hospitality, and more.

Yousaf Zalmé Said

Founder of ZalméCo